Oman Certificate of Origin - Commercial Invoice

Starting Feburary17, 2017, Both Commercial Invoice and Certificate of Origin must be legalized by Oman embassy in Washington D.C.

The embassy fee varies depending upon the total amount of the invoice.

Insert the C/I amount here $  

Service Requested Apostille + Embassy Legalization
Service fee for C/O & C/I $40.00
MD Apostille fee for C/O & C/I $90.00

Note: You may remove this fee if the C/O & C/I are already apostilled from your state.

US Arab Chamber Stamp $70.00
Oman embassy fee - CO $120.00
Oman Embassy Fee - CI $
Total $
Processing Time 4 business days
How to order Expedited Embassy legalization for Oman?

Please review the document instructions before your request our order to avoid any delays or rejection. you may prepare an envelope and include the following items:

  • Documents destined for use in Oman.
  • Request form including your basic contact information and destination country.
  • Check or money order- Payable to “ US Arab Chamber of Commerce”.
  • A prepaid self-addressed return envelope with tracking number,you may use FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS
  • Send the package to our address at:

    U.S. Arab Chamber of Commerce
    1330 New Hampshire Ave. NW, B1
    Washington DC - 20036
    T: (202) 468-4200
    Toll Free: 1-800-343-0302

Disclaimer: This website is presented by US Arab Chamber of Commerce to facilitate certifications of documents intended for use in Oman. US Arab Chamber of Commerce is not affiliated with the Embassy of Oman in Washington DC.